Friday, March 13, 2009

2-28-09 Chloe turns 5 years old! We had a birthday party at Mr. Gattis Pizza. She keeps telling people she had a Happy Birthday. She loves to open presents.
We got pictures taken of her and Seth at Olan Mills. They are so good!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2-17-09 Yesterday was our 24 year anniversary! Wow!
Chloe is doing great! Her hair is growing, she has bangs. She can speak 95% and understands 100% english. This is amazing to me. She speaks in sentences and regonizes most things.
She will not speak Mandrin to Chinese people she sees and will rarly speak to them at all.
She is doing much better with older women. She was scared of older women and would look at them, shake her head and say no no, and bury her face in someones shoulder.
We think a bad experience with foster grandma??
I am ready to plan our next trip to China 2011.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1-8-09 We made it home 8p.m. on 12-31-08. Yea! Chloe did great on the flight home. We slept some and were ready for Hannah's New Years Eve party.

Seth, Hannah, Chris, Whitney and Mikki were at the airport to greet us. Seth had his money jar with him and was excited to show it to Mommy. He got it for a present.

We arrived home 8p.m. and welcomed in the new year, with some friends. Jim and Jeremy Carlton. Angela, Kevin, Noah, Roger, Lisa and others.

Grandma Clinton brought some food for New Years Day and stayed for about one hour. I think we must be to much for her. AGH!
My two sisters, Judy, Dianna and husbands and Mom came out and brought food for a late supper.
Terry, Mikki, Gayla were here also. Others popped in and out.