Thursday, January 8, 2009

1-8-09 We made it home 8p.m. on 12-31-08. Yea! Chloe did great on the flight home. We slept some and were ready for Hannah's New Years Eve party.

Seth, Hannah, Chris, Whitney and Mikki were at the airport to greet us. Seth had his money jar with him and was excited to show it to Mommy. He got it for a present.

We arrived home 8p.m. and welcomed in the new year, with some friends. Jim and Jeremy Carlton. Angela, Kevin, Noah, Roger, Lisa and others.

Grandma Clinton brought some food for New Years Day and stayed for about one hour. I think we must be to much for her. AGH!
My two sisters, Judy, Dianna and husbands and Mom came out and brought food for a late supper.
Terry, Mikki, Gayla were here also. Others popped in and out.