Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pearl shopping day

12-29-08 I had to look at the date this is so confusing having USA time and China time.
We are going to a pearl factory and a DVD store today.
Chloe is progressing at a high rate of speed. She understands what a swat on the butt means when nothing else worked. She straitened up immediatly.
This little girl said I Love You without a prompt. She is repeating words more and more everyday.
I pray that Seth and her will bond and become best friends. They will be like twins. Seth's birthdy is 1-5-04 and Chloe's birthday is 2-28-04. They both will be 5 years old.
I don't want Hannah to be left out, I also pray that Chloe will be very close to her sister.

McDonalds YEA!

12-28-08 We went on a tour of a buddist temple. Then to a museum. Helen is wonderful at explaining everything for us. She assisted us in ordering our food.
We ate at McDonalds, YEA! Never thought I would get excited about a double cheese burger, frys, real american ketchup and coke without ice.
We came back, Chloe and Daddy took a nap. Mommy shopping! This is great! I get "best price" everyone bargains or asks whats your price.
I was stuck in one shop for 1.5 hours. I got some neat, traditional made in china gifts.
We went to a Ty Restaurant. It was very good! On the menu there was a whole page of juices with frog. Yes I questioned the waitor who spoke Chinese, is it frog in the blender. Shelly drew a picture of a frog and blender Yes that was it.

We left the restaurant and stopped at a shop. Looked at traditional wedding boxes. I bought some $2.00 DVD's. While we were at the DVD store, Chloe was talking to Tessa in Chinese-Mandrin and kept yelling at me. Mark and David had the girls. I was with Paula picking thru DVD's, when the other lady in the store grabbed Chloe out of the stroller. She had to use the potty. I didn't know it! The lady put Chloe beside the tree and pulled her pants down. Tessa wanted to squat beside Chloe, Paula and David went to the motel room for the bathroom.
Dad took a picture of her squatting downtown.

We got a strawberry ice cream cone for Chloe, my guess her first. She was smiles from ear to ear. Lots of talking and giggling.

I just talked on Skype to my kids. Seth my almost 5 year old is having a melt down. Screaming and crying. He don't want to go to church. He wants Mommy!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

We are now in Guangzhou which is considerably warmer. On Saturday we had medical appointment with clinic a few blocks from the hotel. All checked out fine with comments on her good teeth. Lunch was at Lucy's and the first burger and frys since day 1 in Beijing. I don't think you realize how much you miss american food. Mark and Chloe went back for nap and uploading pics (it was Chloe who took the nap) and Angie went shopping (her favorite pastime). I have included on photobucket:

one of her purchases with Chloe modeling it. We went to supper at "the station" and ate in dining car. The photos are included in photobucket. Angie ordered some italian dish which didn't taste good so ordered some sweet & sour chicken instead. Mark had rack of lamb which was very good. We are off to tour this morning with busy day planned.

Florida Gangzhou YES!!!


Helen our guide found us at the airport. She was worried she was late. We assu red her perfect timing! She called the hotel to let David know we were about to arrive.
We are so glad to be here! The warm weather and the final track of our journey. We missed our FTIA friends.

To see santa, I mean David was a warm sight. David was waiting to meet us.

It was so good to see Shelly, Keith, Sidney and to finally meet Asher. He is all boy. Reminds me of Nick and Chris as toddlers. Shelly described Asher as having Emperor Syndrome. All boys in foster homes are treated really well, spoiled!
Their demands are met quickly.

Justin, Shelly and baby Lylla so wonderful to finally see her. Shelly looks tired! she had been sick and said she thinks she has hives. I wish we could help her to feel better. We sent benadryl her way. They are missing Henry their 3 year old.

Layla is attached to Mommy.

David and Paula have Tessa such big beautiful eyes! Tessa was so tired, she has been refusing naps, bet she crashed tonite. Chloe has a girl to talk to.

Chloe is learning english and does well if she has a nap. If no nap starts bouncing, and being defiant. She tests the water, smart kid. She will act like her arm is broke if she has to be helped to sit down. Normal kid stuff.

We went to supper together all 4 couples, first time since the children.

We really missed the other couples companionship!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chloe's Orphanage Day

We went to the orphanage today. Lanzhou Childrens Welfare Institute, in Gansu China , date 12-25-08, Wow that was heart wrenching experience.

On the way we saw bicycle with about 8 or 10 chickens hanging on the back, feathers and all. They had been killed and looked they were ready to butcher.

We arrived at the orphanage and took pics outside without knowing much about the facility. Her caretaker "auntie" arrived about 20 min later. Inside they would not allow pictures especially of other kids. Chloe had stayed in the baby room except when in foster care. There was 13 kids in the room where she stayed with some sharing beds. We took pics of her in front of the bed she was in and of her friend. Her friend had soft bones and looked like he doesn't ever get out of bed but was all smiles.
The babies were taking their bottles, propped up with a blanket.
It broke my heart to see all the throw-away-babies. I asked to take them all home with me.
There was on little girl in pink to the left of Chloe's old bed, such a doll. I propped her bottle back up and milk went everywhere. They have big holes in the nipple. When we came back by as we were leaving she was facing the wall and about stood on her head to try and see us.
I would take her home if they would let us.
Chloe was in the babys room because she helped care for and play with the babies.

We had brought bag of M&Ms and Auntie was giving them away by the handfuls. It was feeding time and several had bottles of milk. It breaks your heart to see some many babies in one room. The next room had older kids about 3 or 4 years old and were very special needs children. We had brought bag of M&Ms and Auntie was giving them away by the handfuls.
We went upstairs to another area where they did therapy after illness and surgery for the children. One of the nurses told us she had traveled with Chloe when she went to Beijing for surgery. She also said Chloe had 3 surgeries total. There was another couple from New Zealand there helping with the children in therapy and spoke English. We started talking to them and Chloe became very upset and started crying. This was the first time she has cried since we have gotten her. Of course we all started crying. Angie took her and went back to the hall, to get her away.
We decided it was time to leave. Chloe was afraid we would leave her at the Orphanage.

We gave the gifts to caretaker along with the new camera and came back to the hotel.

We left the hotel at 1:45 and the other two couples and their guides met us. We went to the country and went through the village. There were sheep with sheppards watching over them, everywhere. Appropriate for Christmas. The vehicle of choice is a 3 wheeled motorcycle with a truck bed.
We walked through. There are berms in every field. It is laid out in squares. We first noticed this from the air as we were flying in.

In the car she was rattling off in Chinese to our driver, you drive safe so we get back safe. The girl is in charge! We are gonna have fun putting her in a car seat'e No seat belt laws or car seats and people drive like maniacs. Our driver is very good. If you are comming through, just beep and go!
Chloe fell asleep and cat napped there and back. She was testing us today. Who is in charge??
She did not get her afternoon nap.

We watched the kids open gifts with the web camera. I wish we were there.
Chloe opened 3 gifts while we watched the kids open theirs.

We leave to fly to Gangzhou at 4:30pm china time, tomorrow and should arrive 8:40pm.

Yea warmer weather and soon home USA.

museum day

12-24-08 We went with two other couples to the Museum. Very interesting! Steed the other guide gave us the history of Gansu. There were dinosauers and lots of bones and relics.

We saw water wheels by the yellow river and learned their history.
We saw a statue by the Yellow river of a woman and child/god of the river.

We bought souviners.

Pizza was for lunch with the other couples.

Later that evening we went with Megan and purchased a digital camera for Chloe's orphanage, it cost 900Y.(6.78) exchange rate.

We then went to the street markets and got a few gifts.

When we were walking in the motel a man that we spoke to on the elevator, another day gave Chloe a stuffed bear and said Merry Christmas.

We went to the motel and watched Chinese carolers sing american Christmas carols. Santa was at the door giving everyone a gift a key chain.

We came up to our room and Chloe found a Teddy Bear on the bed and to her excitement, chocolate!!! She grabbed it and yelled CHOCOLATE in english loud and clear!

The bell man at the motel told Chloe she was a very lucky girl to have American parents. Translated by Megan. All of the Chinese people are very supportive of us adopting her. Everyone is curious and talks to her and us in Chinese. We get a lot of stares when walking anywhere. They ask how old she is. The older women (clothing police) ha ha, want to know how many layers of clother she has on. We passed 2 or 3 layers it is cold.

Supper time! Today Chinese people celebrate Christmas.
We went to a chinese restaurant with the other couples and had a family style meal.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We went to a park and the zoo with three other couples that adopted children with another agency. Very cold, frozen fingers and toes.
We went to a famous noodle house. Very good food! Chloe ate and ate and ate!

While we were at the zoo, Megan our guide told us that Chloe told the other guide, "I am not Chinese, I am an American girl now."

Chloe saw the giraffe and told Megan, if the giraffe was not so tall it couldn't reach the leaves to eat and it would starve and die.

Megan said she has not studied this, she figured it out on her own.
12-23-08 We went with three other couples from another adoption agency to a park and the zoo. It was very cold!

We went to a famous noodle house, Yum, Yum!!

Came back to the motel to de-ice the fingers and toes.

Chloe and I (Angie) took a two hour nap.

We went to the street venders about 5:30 p.m. and I bought a few things.

For supper a chinese fast food with western style food. We ate very cheap in price, very good food.

Chloe is taking everything in and doing great! She is very smart, clever is what Megan, our guide says.

Chloe told the other guide, I'm not Chinese, I'm an American girl now!

When we saw the giraffe at the zoo she told Megan, they have to be tall to reach the leaves to eat or they would die.

Megan said she would not have studied this, she just thought about the giraffe and studied it and that was her conclus
This is her GiGi from the orphanage, at the civil affairs office.

Chloe is being hand printed and we were thumb printed. Today she is officially ours!

This is the orphanage director. He presented us with a mug set, chinese paper cut outs and a necklace for her.
Chloe Michelle Clinton is officially ours!!!

Gotcha Day!

12-21-08 Gotcha Day! This is the first hour in our motel room. She is still not sure about us.
Megan our guide, Angie and Zhang Jia Hui soon to be Chloe Michelle Clinton.
The sweater she is wearing is from the orphanage. She had 3 pr of bottoms including boxer type panties. On the top she had a undershirt, sweater and long sleeved shirt, and a light jacket. She had a scarf, socks and tennis shoes.
Her possessions are a stuffed winnie the poo and his honey pot, a small pillow with rice inside, a gourd from her foster grandparents, a pillow and picture album we sent her.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

12-22-08 Mark illegally broke int Chloe's blog. I need to clarify. At the airport Mark was stripped searched and they ran the magnet all over him. Well maybe not stripped but searched.
I am not a cloptomaniac, he forgot to tell me he put the peanut butter spreader knife in my bacpack, so the maid would not return it.
The security lady was franically searching my bag and finally took almost everything out. Wala a knife much to my suprise. Mark not saying anything.
We are escorted to another counter. The lady is running her finger over the blade.
I almost freaking out, I stole a knife from Beijing.
She looked at me and said put in your bag don't get out.
OK! Whew! I was thinking jail!
We turned to leave and I asked Mark, how did this get in my bag?
His reply, oh I must have put it in there.

Leaving Beijing

12-21-08 Gotcha Day We left with everyone, Catherine our guide directing, to the airport. Very cold and high winds. Burr!!
Mark set off metal detector and was searched/patted down.
We started to leave the checkpoint and was called back. Angie had forgot a bag and they were searching it. The security person was looking frantically and could not speak english to tell us what she was looking for. As it turns out, Angie is cleptomaniac and taken butter knife from hotel to use for peanut butter and jelly. It was in the bottom of bag. They took us to another area with more talking in chinese. Finally let us go with the knife. I guess we need to mail it back to the hotel in Beijing.
The airport terminal was cold and needed jackets while waiting for our plane. I think we were the only americans on the plane. We did talk to a lady and daughter in the terminal who spoke english. It turns out they are from San Francisco and were going home for holidays.
We flew to Lanzhou Gansu
(Alaska) 10 degrees above 0. The rest of the group flew to Guangzhou (Florida) 74 degrees.
We are staying at the Grand Soluxe Hotel (Sunshine Plaza) in Gansu. Megan our guide picked us up at the airport. Her driver had difficulty in getting our luggage to fit in his trunk.

When we arrived she was in the lobby at the motel. I walked over to meet her. Chloe was very scared and verbalized it. I had her doll in my backpack and some snacks. She was gald to take them but didn't want me. Megan said that Chloe said she
thought Mark looked like chinese super hero.

Megan told us to go up to our room and prepare for her. Get her toys, snacks and clothes out . In about 50 minutes, we come up.
We went up to the room and got her toys, some of her clothes and some snacks out.
They brought her up to the room. Megan our guide and her GiG, from the orphanage brought her up. I had to start filling out paper work and Mark played with her.

Mark helped her change clothes. We left and went to the studio for passport pictures and family pictures. Rush Rush Rush..........

We came back to the motel and it was just us. The piano player in the lobby let her play the piano.
We came up to the room. Megan brought pizza up to the room. Chloe was doing great, looking at books,letting me hold her and talking.
She snarfed her first piece of pizza and was eating cherios, feeding BaBa (Daddy) and MaMa and letting me feed her.

Chloe was warming up. She was a different little girl in just a few hours.

We talked to Hannah and Chris on the phone. They saw her on the web camera. She repeated Hello Hannah and Hello Christopher.

Bath time, she did great in a baby bath tub. Megan told her she would have a bath, before she left.

If you are adopting important words to remember Halla Halla -its ok, be a cool- don't cry and wall I knee- I love you or MaMa I knee-Mama loves you, la ba ba ma- poopoo neow neow ma- pee.
They don't tell you everything. She is asleep in her bed sucking her thumb. So cute!

At home Chris called Sarah our dog is down in her back. Seth was melting down, he didn't want to go to church. I talked to him and I think he was better. He gets to play with Mckenzie his girlfriend. Good night!
Here are pics of her with Mom and Dad.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

12-20-08 We left at 8:30 a.m. Catherine and our trusty bus driver AGH! drove by the Olympic birds nest and swim cube.
The second stop a Jade factory. Very expensive stuff, most things not for the average Joe.
Then to the Great Wall! WoW!!! We climbed lots of steps. Justin and Shelly ran the wall. Justin made it completely around a section of the Wall and Shelly was 3/4 around it.
We made it up to the second watch tower.
Awsome view!
The fourth stop was the Cloisonne (enamel ware) factory. We had a tour and saw the prccess of how it is made.
In another part of the factory, upstairs was the authentic Chinese Restaurant.
We ate various chinese dishes, family style including a whole fish,served, head, tail and all. This was Sidneys favorite, not!
Sidney is Shelly and Keith's daughter. She is having fun and makes our trips more fun.

For supper we had reservations at the Duck Restaurant (chinese cousine) imagine that.
Justin was unofficially appointed our spokes man. They had catalogues with pictures of food.
He did the ordering, bottled water to drink, Duck of course, fried rice, pea pods, broccoli, duck soup(broth), and the duck brains. The duck was served and we put it on a thin taco shell with soy sauce and condiments consisting of radish, onion and other unknown.
For desert we had three choices. Justin chose a juice and we chose a pastry.
Well translations are different. When it came it was in a bowl, not a pastry.
Butt paste?? Well it looked like it. We also were served a picturesome plate of melon and mis fruite.
We had fun! Crossing the road there and back was kind of nerve racking. There are no laws for pedestrians anything goes. I haven't seen anyone ran over yet.
We came back to our room and realized we have misplace our camcorder charger.

I called Catherine our guide and she called our bus driver and the restaurant.
We will check in the morning on the bus.

Gotta go breakfast.

Friday, December 19, 2008

12-18-08 We went on a tour to the Temple of Heaven and the Forebidden City.
The other couples joined us at the rickshaws. There was a delay in their flight and they missed the connecting flight from Tokeyo to Beijing. They came from the air port.
We also went on a tour thru old Beijing in a Rikshaw. This is a carriage that a man peddles the bicycle on the front.
We went to a tea house and tried 4 different types of tea served from a china porcelin tea set. The lady showed us the proper technique on brewing tea in a pot and a clay pot. She explained that she went to tea school to learn the skill.

We visited a couple's home in old Beijing. He was a retired archologist and she was a retired rubber glove maker. Henry Kissinger and the artichtec that designed the St Louis arch had been to his home.

We ate supper Itallian with the other parents that are here to adopt.
Justin and Shelly Wolfenburg, David and Paula Hall, Keith, Shelly and Sidney Baum.
We left for China on Tuesday, December 16, 2008 from Evansville, IN. Steve, Arletha and Hannah saw us off.
We went from Evansville to Detroit, Detroit to Tokeyo and Tokeyo to Beijing.
We made it!
We are staying at Zhaolong Hotel a 5 star.

We arrived on Wednesday, December 17, 2008. There is a 13 hour time differance. To calculate the time add 13 hours to Indiana time.

On December 18, we started touring with Catherine our guide.