Friday, December 19, 2008

12-18-08 We went on a tour to the Temple of Heaven and the Forebidden City.
The other couples joined us at the rickshaws. There was a delay in their flight and they missed the connecting flight from Tokeyo to Beijing. They came from the air port.
We also went on a tour thru old Beijing in a Rikshaw. This is a carriage that a man peddles the bicycle on the front.
We went to a tea house and tried 4 different types of tea served from a china porcelin tea set. The lady showed us the proper technique on brewing tea in a pot and a clay pot. She explained that she went to tea school to learn the skill.

We visited a couple's home in old Beijing. He was a retired archologist and she was a retired rubber glove maker. Henry Kissinger and the artichtec that designed the St Louis arch had been to his home.

We ate supper Itallian with the other parents that are here to adopt.
Justin and Shelly Wolfenburg, David and Paula Hall, Keith, Shelly and Sidney Baum.

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