Sunday, December 21, 2008

12-22-08 Mark illegally broke int Chloe's blog. I need to clarify. At the airport Mark was stripped searched and they ran the magnet all over him. Well maybe not stripped but searched.
I am not a cloptomaniac, he forgot to tell me he put the peanut butter spreader knife in my bacpack, so the maid would not return it.
The security lady was franically searching my bag and finally took almost everything out. Wala a knife much to my suprise. Mark not saying anything.
We are escorted to another counter. The lady is running her finger over the blade.
I almost freaking out, I stole a knife from Beijing.
She looked at me and said put in your bag don't get out.
OK! Whew! I was thinking jail!
We turned to leave and I asked Mark, how did this get in my bag?
His reply, oh I must have put it in there.

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