Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We went to a park and the zoo with three other couples that adopted children with another agency. Very cold, frozen fingers and toes.
We went to a famous noodle house. Very good food! Chloe ate and ate and ate!

While we were at the zoo, Megan our guide told us that Chloe told the other guide, "I am not Chinese, I am an American girl now."

Chloe saw the giraffe and told Megan, if the giraffe was not so tall it couldn't reach the leaves to eat and it would starve and die.

Megan said she has not studied this, she figured it out on her own.

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  1. glad to hear you are doing so well! They are calling for 5 straight days of rain starting on Saturday. Looks like you are bringing the weather with you.