Saturday, December 27, 2008

Florida Gangzhou YES!!!


Helen our guide found us at the airport. She was worried she was late. We assu red her perfect timing! She called the hotel to let David know we were about to arrive.
We are so glad to be here! The warm weather and the final track of our journey. We missed our FTIA friends.

To see santa, I mean David was a warm sight. David was waiting to meet us.

It was so good to see Shelly, Keith, Sidney and to finally meet Asher. He is all boy. Reminds me of Nick and Chris as toddlers. Shelly described Asher as having Emperor Syndrome. All boys in foster homes are treated really well, spoiled!
Their demands are met quickly.

Justin, Shelly and baby Lylla so wonderful to finally see her. Shelly looks tired! she had been sick and said she thinks she has hives. I wish we could help her to feel better. We sent benadryl her way. They are missing Henry their 3 year old.

Layla is attached to Mommy.

David and Paula have Tessa such big beautiful eyes! Tessa was so tired, she has been refusing naps, bet she crashed tonite. Chloe has a girl to talk to.

Chloe is learning english and does well if she has a nap. If no nap starts bouncing, and being defiant. She tests the water, smart kid. She will act like her arm is broke if she has to be helped to sit down. Normal kid stuff.

We went to supper together all 4 couples, first time since the children.

We really missed the other couples companionship!

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