Saturday, December 20, 2008

12-20-08 We left at 8:30 a.m. Catherine and our trusty bus driver AGH! drove by the Olympic birds nest and swim cube.
The second stop a Jade factory. Very expensive stuff, most things not for the average Joe.
Then to the Great Wall! WoW!!! We climbed lots of steps. Justin and Shelly ran the wall. Justin made it completely around a section of the Wall and Shelly was 3/4 around it.
We made it up to the second watch tower.
Awsome view!
The fourth stop was the Cloisonne (enamel ware) factory. We had a tour and saw the prccess of how it is made.
In another part of the factory, upstairs was the authentic Chinese Restaurant.
We ate various chinese dishes, family style including a whole fish,served, head, tail and all. This was Sidneys favorite, not!
Sidney is Shelly and Keith's daughter. She is having fun and makes our trips more fun.

For supper we had reservations at the Duck Restaurant (chinese cousine) imagine that.
Justin was unofficially appointed our spokes man. They had catalogues with pictures of food.
He did the ordering, bottled water to drink, Duck of course, fried rice, pea pods, broccoli, duck soup(broth), and the duck brains. The duck was served and we put it on a thin taco shell with soy sauce and condiments consisting of radish, onion and other unknown.
For desert we had three choices. Justin chose a juice and we chose a pastry.
Well translations are different. When it came it was in a bowl, not a pastry.
Butt paste?? Well it looked like it. We also were served a picturesome plate of melon and mis fruite.
We had fun! Crossing the road there and back was kind of nerve racking. There are no laws for pedestrians anything goes. I haven't seen anyone ran over yet.
We came back to our room and realized we have misplace our camcorder charger.

I called Catherine our guide and she called our bus driver and the restaurant.
We will check in the morning on the bus.

Gotta go breakfast.

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