Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chloe's Orphanage Day

We went to the orphanage today. Lanzhou Childrens Welfare Institute, in Gansu China , date 12-25-08, Wow that was heart wrenching experience.

On the way we saw bicycle with about 8 or 10 chickens hanging on the back, feathers and all. They had been killed and looked they were ready to butcher.

We arrived at the orphanage and took pics outside without knowing much about the facility. Her caretaker "auntie" arrived about 20 min later. Inside they would not allow pictures especially of other kids. Chloe had stayed in the baby room except when in foster care. There was 13 kids in the room where she stayed with some sharing beds. We took pics of her in front of the bed she was in and of her friend. Her friend had soft bones and looked like he doesn't ever get out of bed but was all smiles.
The babies were taking their bottles, propped up with a blanket.
It broke my heart to see all the throw-away-babies. I asked to take them all home with me.
There was on little girl in pink to the left of Chloe's old bed, such a doll. I propped her bottle back up and milk went everywhere. They have big holes in the nipple. When we came back by as we were leaving she was facing the wall and about stood on her head to try and see us.
I would take her home if they would let us.
Chloe was in the babys room because she helped care for and play with the babies.

We had brought bag of M&Ms and Auntie was giving them away by the handfuls. It was feeding time and several had bottles of milk. It breaks your heart to see some many babies in one room. The next room had older kids about 3 or 4 years old and were very special needs children. We had brought bag of M&Ms and Auntie was giving them away by the handfuls.
We went upstairs to another area where they did therapy after illness and surgery for the children. One of the nurses told us she had traveled with Chloe when she went to Beijing for surgery. She also said Chloe had 3 surgeries total. There was another couple from New Zealand there helping with the children in therapy and spoke English. We started talking to them and Chloe became very upset and started crying. This was the first time she has cried since we have gotten her. Of course we all started crying. Angie took her and went back to the hall, to get her away.
We decided it was time to leave. Chloe was afraid we would leave her at the Orphanage.

We gave the gifts to caretaker along with the new camera and came back to the hotel.

We left the hotel at 1:45 and the other two couples and their guides met us. We went to the country and went through the village. There were sheep with sheppards watching over them, everywhere. Appropriate for Christmas. The vehicle of choice is a 3 wheeled motorcycle with a truck bed.
We walked through. There are berms in every field. It is laid out in squares. We first noticed this from the air as we were flying in.

In the car she was rattling off in Chinese to our driver, you drive safe so we get back safe. The girl is in charge! We are gonna have fun putting her in a car seat'e No seat belt laws or car seats and people drive like maniacs. Our driver is very good. If you are comming through, just beep and go!
Chloe fell asleep and cat napped there and back. She was testing us today. Who is in charge??
She did not get her afternoon nap.

We watched the kids open gifts with the web camera. I wish we were there.
Chloe opened 3 gifts while we watched the kids open theirs.

We leave to fly to Gangzhou at 4:30pm china time, tomorrow and should arrive 8:40pm.

Yea warmer weather and soon home USA.


  1. wow unbelievable! you now have a better understanding of what your daughter went through before she came to you

  2. I am tramatized! Whow we have no concept of this. Chloe was a caregiver for the babies. There was 13 babies in her room. Some 2 per bed. I would take them all in a minute. We found out they are moving the children and older or disabled adults to a new building.
    We miss all of you and can't wait to meet your children. Tell everyone we will see you tomorrow or the next day. Our flight is scheduled to arrive at 8:40 p.m.
    God Bless you and Merry Christmas!
    Mark, Angie and Chloe Clinton