Wednesday, December 24, 2008

museum day

12-24-08 We went with two other couples to the Museum. Very interesting! Steed the other guide gave us the history of Gansu. There were dinosauers and lots of bones and relics.

We saw water wheels by the yellow river and learned their history.
We saw a statue by the Yellow river of a woman and child/god of the river.

We bought souviners.

Pizza was for lunch with the other couples.

Later that evening we went with Megan and purchased a digital camera for Chloe's orphanage, it cost 900Y.(6.78) exchange rate.

We then went to the street markets and got a few gifts.

When we were walking in the motel a man that we spoke to on the elevator, another day gave Chloe a stuffed bear and said Merry Christmas.

We went to the motel and watched Chinese carolers sing american Christmas carols. Santa was at the door giving everyone a gift a key chain.

We came up to our room and Chloe found a Teddy Bear on the bed and to her excitement, chocolate!!! She grabbed it and yelled CHOCOLATE in english loud and clear!

The bell man at the motel told Chloe she was a very lucky girl to have American parents. Translated by Megan. All of the Chinese people are very supportive of us adopting her. Everyone is curious and talks to her and us in Chinese. We get a lot of stares when walking anywhere. They ask how old she is. The older women (clothing police) ha ha, want to know how many layers of clother she has on. We passed 2 or 3 layers it is cold.

Supper time! Today Chinese people celebrate Christmas.
We went to a chinese restaurant with the other couples and had a family style meal.

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